Le cantine di Mattelin Genova

Le Cantine di Mattelin on the hills of Genova Coronata

The traditions in the kitchen with our 0 km products

The restaurant "Le Cantine di Mattelin" overlooks a large outdoor terrace over the splendid Genoa and its port.

"Le Cantine di Mattelin" is a restaurant that prides itself in its attentiveness to customer needs. This attention to detail translates into high-quality products and care in preparation of dishes.


The traditional Ligurian cuisine is inventive and attentive, capable of utilizing every element produced by the earth at zero km, the sea and the work of man.

In the summer, we look forward to seeing you for dinner on our terrace...

From Saturday to Sunday we are also open for lunch

Book now! - Tel. 010 6515145   Mob. 340 5372752

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Our Restaurant

Our 0 Km products

There are many recipes "of the earth" passed down through the centuries that are tasty, fragrant and simple: from troffie to pesto, to farinata, to manfilli with pesto.

Then there is the kitchen of the "sea". A kitchen made with blue fish.

Our History

A tradition since 1880

Le Cantine di Mattelin in Genoa Coronata is steps away from downtown and its tradition in catering is recognized since 1880.

Our Pizzas

Le cantine di Mattelin is also a pizzeria.

Tasty pizzas and focaccia, take-away pizzas.

Call us to book yours!

Cellar of Wines

Our menu is enriched with tantalizing and delicious homemade desserts, all accompanied by an excellent wine list.

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