Le Cantine de Mattelin on the Coronata Hill of Genoa 

Traditional Cooking with Authentic Products

The restaurant Le Cantine de Mattelin, translated as "The Mattelin Cellars" in English, boasts of a large outdoor terrace overlooking the beautiful city and port of Genoa.

We are particularly attentive to customer needs and ensure that we serve only the most carefully prepared dishes of traditional Ligurian cuisine with the highest quality products.

Come, enjoy a lovely summer evening on our terrace.

From Saturday to Sundays, we are also open for lunch. 
To make a booking, call us on 010 6515145 or 340 5372752

Ti aspettiamo per una cena in terrazza

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The Restaurant

Mandilli al Pesto

Our kitchen uses products from both, the land and the sea, to bring you dishes that are tasty, fragrant and simple. Many of our recipes have remained unchanged through the centuries, preserving the authentic local flavour. Come and taste our troffie pesto, the farinata and the manfilli pesto. 

The history

"The Mattelin Cellars" in Genoa Crowned, are a short walk from the city center and its tradition in the restaurant has been handed down since 1880.

la storia

Our Pizzas

le pizze

We offer wood oven pizzas and focaccia. Have it here or ask for a pizza takeaway.

Wines & Desserts

bianco di coronata

Not only do we offer you excellent food, we also have a carefully Put together selection of wines and some delicious homemade desserts. 

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